Biała Róża’s menu includes traditional Kraków cuisine typical of the burgesses with visible influence of Galician, Jewish, Hungarian and Ukrainian cuisine. We discover the culinary heritage of Kraków and the Małopolska region. Our young Chef, Łukasz Cichy, brought up within the culinary tradition of Krakow, uses top quality regional products to create modern arrangements of the flavours of the past. Old cookery books, private recipe collections, and interviews with exceptional residents of Krakow, for example Maria Rydlowa, are a very important source of inspiration while designing a menu for the restaurant or a particular reception.

Pepper sponge cake, white chocolate, fruits, saffron sauce
Frozen nougat, meringue, fruit, elderberry
Cream of kohlrabi soup, wild garlic, linseed oil, peppermint
Duck foie gras, rose petal confit, steamed buns, herbs
Smoked beef tenderloin, buckwheat chip, kohlrabi, potatoes, carrot